Appia offers complete realization of advertising campaigns, including all the important steps :

  • advertisement design strategy
  • production; and we can say that the agency has product markets where they perform the following types of products: billboards, banners, light boxes, spotlights, steel structures, exhibition stands and furniture, screen printing
  • implementation and monitoring campaign

All you have to do is provide us with information about your company, about the products and services they provide.

Multimedia production

For our clients we provide some of the most modern methods of presenting products and the company itself, professional design and multimedia presentations (images, sound, animation CD) product catalogs.

In this area we can do both the creation and multiplication of CDs and DVDs, and also have the ability to print on CDs or their carcasses.

Web design

Our agency works with the most experienced website builders and developers, so besides other services offered to our clients we can always give more ways to promote their business or products on the internet.

Appia Advertising has extensive experience in advertising and creativity combined with advanced technique. You can always count on us!