Appia is a media advertising agency presenting some advantages compared to a large agency :

  • greater flexibility with customers
  • reduced costs to agencies far more famous
  • creating advertisements for small and medium have a lower advertising budget and who can not afford to appeal to older agents

Advertise on billboards is our main activity. We have 4x3m, 5 x 2.5m, 6x3m panels, steel framed, street signs and fire walls. We also have 8x4m size unipols, city lights and backlight, located in many cities, counties and main roads in the center of the country: Mures, Reghin, Harghita, Cluj, Alba, Bistrita, Sibiu, Brasov.

We can deliver and create large advertising campaigns, having the public transportation as main support in all cities of the country, ensuring the production of advertising material, decoration of this or even removing it.

Utility aplinism

Assembly, disassembly, panels, meshes, poliplans, banners, decoration, maintenance panels, backlights at any height with extensive experience in the field.