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Appia is a media advertising agency presenting some advantages compared to a large agency :

  • greater flexibility with customers
  • reduced costs to agencies far more famous
  • creating advertisements for small and medium have a lower advertising budget and who can not afford to appeal to older agents

Advertise on billboards is our main activity. We have 4x3m, 5 x 2.5m, 6x3m panels, steel framed, street signs and fire walls. We also have 8x4m size unipols, city lights and backlight, located in many cities, counties and main roads in the center of the country: Mures, Reghin, Harghita, Cluj, Alba, Bistrita, Sibiu, Brasov.

We can deliver and create large advertising campaigns, having the public transportation as main support in all cities of the country, ensuring the production of advertising material, decoration of this or even removing it.

Utility aplinism

Assembly, disassembly, panels, meshes, poliplans, banners, decoration, maintenance panels, backlights at any height with extensive experience in the field.

production production

Appia offers complete realization of advertising campaigns, including all the important steps :

  • advertisement design strategy
  • production; and we can say that the agency has product markets where they perform the following types of products: billboards, banners, light boxes, spotlights, steel structures, exhibition stands and furniture, screen printing
  • implementation and monitoring campaign

All you have to do is provide us with information about your company, about the products and services they provide.



The result

prints prints

If you want a quality design for your products, call us with confidence because the products produced by our agency, all have the best finishes, required and applied by the latest technology in printing and our latest technical equipment allows us to achieve very high resolution prints  even on unique editions.

We print posters for billboards, city lights, backlights and media as paper, stickers, posters , flyers, etc.

We execute quality digital printing in small and medium series.
Maximum print size: 330 x 1200 mm
Carton from 80 g / m² to 300 g / m².
Printing on colored and embossed cards .

Sizes (paper, cardboard, sticker sheet ): A4 (210 x 297 mm), A3 (297 x 420 mm), SRA3 (320 x 450 mm).

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Tîrgu Mureş, Str. Gheorghe Doja, Nr. 147,
Jud. Mureş, România, postal code: 540235

Telephone / fax

0040 265 265 893

0040 728 091 875


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